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 Raw DVD Footage
These four are each 60-90 minutes of
instruction with Allen Reed, without editing.  The camera was set up by one of the participants, so the action may wander in and out of the frame occasionally.  Outdoor sound quality may be less than optimal.  Good content, though! 

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Cunningham's "Cane as a Weapon"

Swetnam's Rapier and Dagger

Introduction to Silver's Single Sword

Ambushed!  Under Sudden Attack with a Big Knife!

Professionally Edited DVDs

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 A Gallowglass Exclusive!

Dancing with Swords: A Workout Video 
You loved our homemade xerox copied version in the plain brown envelope.  You eagerly downloaded all 11 pages of the.PDF version!  Now for the modern age, a live-action realization of Allen Reed's adaptation of Martin "Farmer" Burns' workout set for sword practitioners. No matter which art is yours -- longsword, saber, epee, kendo, or other Oriental blade -- we think you'll enjoy this set.   This hour-long DVD also includes a breathing set, a historical sword moves set, and a cool-down set.  Copyright 2010. 

$35.00 + $2 shipping

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A Gallowglass Exclusive!

Introductory Bartitsu:
The first mixed martial art combines English boxing, French savate and walking-cane, and Ju-jutsu from Japan.  Compiled by the late-Victorian William Barton-Wright (hence BART-itsu), Bartitsu is subtly mentioned (or misspelled) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes escaped that dastardly Moriarty with a move he'd learned from "baritsu".  Bartitsu is also the perfect martial art for the Steampunk crowd....  Roughly 90 minutes of period warm-up sets pioneered by "Farmer" Burns and Bartitsu techniques taught by
Allen Reed. Copyright 2008

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A Gallowglass Exclusive!

Introductory Bowie Knife:  Allen Reed
expounds on his theory of how early 19th-century fighters might have flourished their big knives.  Over an hour of techniques and Bowie lore. Featuring Patrick Bailey, Carlos Monzon, Geordon Van Tassle, and
Christine Vail. 
Copyright 2008
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Women's Street Combat: Predator
Defense and Rape Prevention
 60 minutes of mean-streets defense tips and techniques by Kimber Johnson. 
Paladin Press UPC 80596605793
$30.00 +$2.50 shipping
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BARTITSU: the Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes
This is Tony Wolf's 54-minute DVD -- appropriate for all geographical regions. ASIN 0982591160

$5 + $2.50 ship
Dancing with Swords... and more articles by Allen Reed 
-- Version 0.1 May 2005 (54 pp., 3-hole punch)

2 workout series, 3 sets of drills,  a glossary of fencing terms, and 2 WMA historical articles. Sure, there'll be more in future updates, but not at this price -- the cost of copies!

$2 + $2.50 ship

New Lower Price!
SCA Known World Academy Of
the Rapier 2001, Program Book,
ed. by
Andrea Dubnick.
(100pp; limited edition will not be reprinted)

20 articles on swordplay and non-combative Renaissance topics by SCA authors. 

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